Golf Results

Thursday Senior League

at Eagle Pass

STANDINGS: Bob Burns 19.5, Tom Boyd 16.5, Lucy Karnofel 14, Louie Smith 11.5, Joe Good.

Low Gross: Tom Boyd 36.

Low Net: Bob Burns 30, Tom Boyd 30.

Brittain League

at East Palestine C.C.

Team winners

4 man, 3 ball: Dan Mathews, Brian Cartwright, Tom Davidson, Terry Lipp

Skill winners: No. 1 Sam Colundrella, No. 4 Steve Davis, No. 5 Sid Harvey, Sam Colundrella

Skins: No. 5 Mearl Weatherholt, No. 7 Steve Davis, No. 8 Gage Bush

50-50: Sam Colundrella

Zep’s Pizza and More at Pinky’s, Coil Line Service

at Eagle Pass Golf Course

STANDINGS: Jeff Cain and Craig Andrews 65, Scott Stewart and Jerod Benally 56, Steve Smith and Lenny Vondfeldt 54.5, Bryon Mountz and Rick Beadles 54.5, Scott Cope and John Arter 52.5, Chad Wood and Rod Davison 52.5, Lucian Clewell and Jay Gamble 48.5, Chuck Sluss and Brian Bostick 48.5, Galen Brandt and Bob Reeder 48, Kevin Beresford and Dick Cope 45.

LOW GROSS TEAM: Galen Brandt and Gage Chestnut 78


LOW TEAM NET: Galen Brandt and Gage Chestnut 63

LOW NET INDIVIDUAL: Gage Chestnut 29

Twin Springs Thursday Night

STANDINGS: Top Line Fence 38, Orioles 36.5, Jesse’s Grill 34, Roberts Funeral Home 29.5, A-Plus Pressure Washing 20, Lewis Lawn Care 18.5, Witmer Construction 10, Kiko Meats 10.



Monday Tired Men’s League

at Westville Lake C.C.

STANDINGS: Bob Held and Jim Wallace 58, John Christopher and Bob Greier 58, Dan Engle and Jim Sturgeon 58 Chris Byers and Dave Byers 56.5, Rick Caufield and Ken Behner 56, Bob Schafer and Dave Kunkle 55.5, John Vancamp and Jerome Hamby 55, Ramon Oesch and Mike Moore 54

Monday Night Ladies League

at Westville Lake C.C.

STANDINGS: Sue Stitle and Kelly West 32, Sue Caufield and Barb Caufield 29.5, Priscilla Allcorn and Mel Gunias 29, Marcy Watt and Amy Humphrey 28, Allison Edie and Tara Vargovic 27.5, Hildy Deemer and Evelyn Jones 26, Diane Shallenberger and Joanne Meier 26, Lucille Karnofel and Charlotte French 24.5

Tuesday Night Salem Elks League

at Westville Lake C.C.

STANDINGS: Brooke Pidgeon and Bruce Johnson 55.5, Jeff Chapman and Ed Connors 55, Dan Dicko and Tim Hendershot 50.5, Jared Reifsnyder and Dusty Brickner 49, Rich Juhn and Chris Eddinger 48.5, Justin Fraser and Jason Ring 48, Derek Brandt and Steve Pasko 48.

Closest to Pin No. 6: Rich Cochran

Wed. Night Men’s League

at Westville Lake C.C.

STANDINGS: Harvest Inn 45.5, Opportunity Knocks 45.5, B.O.C Water Hydraulics 43.5, Carter Lumber 42.5.

Low Gross: Bob Menegay 35

Low Net: Rick Mulinix 28

Closest to Pin No. 3: Mike Butcher

Closest to Pin No. 6: Alan German

Thurs. Morning Scramble League

at Westville Lake C.C.

STANDINGS: Randy Berger and Rick Caufield 20.5, Ron Wagner and Al Lutz 20.5, Russ Wood and Tom Wood 19, Bill McBride and Chuck Mercer 19, Jim Lantz and Gary Ricker 17.5, Tim Conner and Kevin Keefe 17.5, John Vancamp and Jim Brown 16.5, Jim Wallace and Bob Held 16

Thurs. Night Men’s League

at Westville Lake C.C.

STANDINGS: Expressions Salon 47, The 5 Heart Beats 44.5, Country Saw No. 2 36, Phantom Auto Works 35, New Direction Photography 32.5, Yerky and Madjerac DDS 30.5.

Low Gross: Bryan Lippiatt 32

Low Net: Anthony Glista 29


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