Russian construction site hit by coronavirus

Medical workers wearing protective gear carry on a stretcher a man, suspected of having the coronavirus infection, at a hospital in Kommunarka, outside Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended the nation's partial economic shutdown through May 11, saying the coronavirus outbreak is yet to reach a peak. (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)

MOSCOW — Russian officials say more than 1,000 coronavirus cases have been found among workers building a liquefied natural gas facility in the far northern Murmansk region.

The Interfax news agency cited regional officials as saying 80 cases were found Wednesday at the Belokamenka work site, bringing the total there to 1002 — more than 1% of all the cases reported in Russia.

The infections were found in a camp housing about 4,500 construction workers working for a project contractor.

There also are concerns about a similar outbreak among workers at a gas field under construction in the far-northeast Sakha region. The regional governor, Aisen Nikolayev, said this week that all the workers had been tested and the number of infections was significant, although he did not give figures.