Hanoverton woman gets 9 years for drug manufacturing

LISBON — A woman who tried to claim she did not know how far her co-defendant had gotten them involved into the manufacturing of drugs was sentenced to nine years in prison on Monday.

Melissa L. Frederick, 39, Third Street, Hanoverton, had previously pleaded guilty in August to possession of drugs, a first-degree felony with a major drug offender specification; two additional counts of possession of drugs, fifth-degree felonies; illegal manufacture of drugs and illegal possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs.

Along with Beau McGuire, her co-defendant in the case, Frederick was found in possession of 440.41 grams of methamphetamines when a search warrant was executed at the home on June 2, 2016. Additionally, the warrant turned up less than five grams of cocaine and meth inside her purse. At the home, authorities found two one-pot methamphetamines labs in the garage as well as the various chemicals and components for manufacturing meth. McGuire was already sentenced in March to 11 years in prison for his part in the drug-related crimes.

At her hearing before Judge C. Ashley Pike, Frederick and those who spoke on her behalf prior to sentencing tried to place more of the blame on McGuire. Her sister described Frederick as having low self-esteem and how she met McGuire when she was on the rebound from another relationship and he brought her a load of wood while she had no heat and no water.

Another relative said Frederick was broke when this happened, so she could not be buying chemicals to assist in the manufacture of drugs.

Frederick said she and McGuire did not actually live together at the Gavers Road home where the execution of the search warrant led to the discovery of the drugs. She told Pike she had her own home.

“I did not know he was as into manufacturing as much as the evidence would show,” Frederick said. “I’m a good person, but I made a horrible mistake. I punish myself every day over it.”

Additionally, Frederick said she is not the same person who was involved in this a year earlier. She added she loves her children and has been spending as much time as she can with them.

“I don’t want to be away from my children for nine years,” Frederick said of the proposed sentence.

However, Pike sentenced her to the nine years with credit for 15 days served. He spoke of the seriousness of the offenses she had been charged with and additionally said he was not happy about some of the comments made prior to sentencing.

“I really don’t appreciate people coming in here and trying to try a case when you’ve already admitted you are guilty,” Pike said.