Biden’s pie in the sky speech at United Nations


As President Joe Biden spoke before the United Nations General Assembly last week, he had a lot on his mind. From a pandemic to human rights and social justice issues; from climate change to the end of a 20-year war, Biden talked about the world being at an “inflection point in ...

ARC supports South Carolina Upstate’s Continued Prosperity

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As our states grow and prosper, new initiatives often overshadow successful ones commenced long ago. One of these is the Appalachian Regional Commission. In South Carolina, the northwestern counties of Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Pickens, Oconee, and Spartanburg are within the ...

Republicans ignore fairness with map

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It was obvious Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman and House Speaker Bob Cupp, both Lima Republicans, were driving the Ohio Redistricting Commission’s plan to ignore a vote-approved constitutional amendment to draw fair state legislative districts. They seemed content to forego bipartisan ...

Music therapy can soothe the soul

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Thanks to breakthroughs in medicine and nutrition in recent years, we are living longer than ever before. But this increase in life expectancy also brings an increase in the number of diseases, injuries and impairments that affect older adults. With this in mind, we at the local Visiting Angels ...

When things are serious enough, we learn more

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Everyone is aware of the substance misuse problem that has been labeled a public health epidemic. Everyone does not pause to think about more than the superficial: there is a drug problem. We don’t think beyond that until someone puts a new term in front of us, like “polysubstance ...