‘Handshake for the Century’ will become a lasting tribute


The planning, creation and unveiling of the commemorative Jackie Robinson-George Shuba “Handshake for the Century” statue in downtown Youngstown had been under way and anticipated for many, many months. Saturday’s unveiling proved it was well worth the wait. We say that not just because ...

Postal Service must figure it out before the holidays


Everyone remembers the chaos of last year’s holiday shipping, when packages sent before Thanksgiving didn’t arrive until well into the New Year — or for some, disappeared forever. A U.S. Senate hearing Tuesday focused on the United States Postal Service, and some of the budget and ...

Too much heat can hurt you

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Kate got down from the tractor. She was helping to bale hay when she suddenly didn’t feel so well. She hadn’t thought it was excessively warm, just a nice summer day. Still, she had been drinking a sports drink to keep herself hydrated. She looked at the house, unsure whether she could make ...

Work on disparity with wages needed


Ohioans know our state has some work to do as we shake off the socio-cultural norms that have held back so many. A report by Columbus-based economics and public policy firm Scioto Analysis has showed us another way in which we can do so. Their data shows there is still a big gap in pay between ...

Door-to-door vaccine outreach is misguided


Last week, President Joe Biden’s COVID advisers defended the strategy for increasing vaccinations with door-to-door vaccine outreach in states where there has been an infection surge. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson voiced his opposition via Facebook, saying he instructed state health department ...