Learn from educational responses to virus crisis


Many school districts and individual teachers have contingency plans for classes to be interrupted for a few days. We doubt more than a handful had strategies for the current situation, in which the last couple of months of school for millions of students was canceled. There is evidence many ...

Remembering the D-Day sacrifices


One of the greatest military achievements ever occurred three-quarters of a century and a year ago today. Code named Operation Neptune and usually referred to as D-Day, the largest seaborne invasion in history began on the shores of Normandy, France. D-Day was a massive invasion of Allied ...

Taking care of elders during the pandemic

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When the order came to “stay-at-home” many of the parents of adult children were instructed to shelter in place, make their shopping lists, and the kids would go to make the purchases. And so, like all the other older parents, she and her husband did as their children asked. But the ...

Drink (water), it’s really good for you

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Editor’s Note Thanks to breakthroughs in medicine and nutrition in recent years, we are living longer than ever before. But this increase in life expectancy also brings an increase in the number of diseases, injuries and impairments that affect older adults. With this in mind, we at the ...

And still another evil drug emerges


Long after COVID-19 is just a bad memory, substance abuse will remain a scourge in across Ohio and our very own region. Years from now, the death toll from it will dwarf the number of fatalities from the virus. We were reminded of the insidious evil of drug abuse last week, when state ...