Students leave quickly due to strong gas odor


NEW WATERFORD — Crestview students were released a few minutes early after a strong gas odor developed at the high school on Thursday afternoon.

Superintendent Matthew Manley said about three to five minutes before students were scheduled to leave, there was a strong gas odor in an area of the building where there is not a gas line present. The students were asked to quickly exit the building and parents were notified with a one call from Manley.

An elementary bus, which usually brings some students to the high school at 3:15 p.m. instead took them to the bus garage to meet their rides.

Manley said he would like to thank both the gas company and the fire department for quickly responding to the building. While the cause is not entirely known, Manley said it is believed the gas odor was coming into the building through the air ducts from somewhere outside the building. By 3:40 p.m. the gas and fire departments were able to tell the school officials that the building was safe. Another alert went out so evening practices and activities could go on as usual.

While a school cannot prepare for everything that can happen, Manley said “our kids and staff did a great job of adjusting.”



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