Salem Twp. trustees approve having skid steer checked out

FRANKLIN SQUARE — Salem Township trustees discussed getting work done on the skid steer after Road Foreman Jason Entrikin said, “Something isn’t working right.”

He explained, “You pull it over to where it should work and it doesn’t and when you pull it further, then it does.”

Trustee Chairman John Wilms said, “Get it scheduled to get in there” meaning the Sensenig Farm Repair company on Beeson Mill Road.

Trustee Bill Heston said he won’t know how much it’ll be and Entrikin said, “They always treat us good.”

In other business, Wilms asked Entrikin to have plans for the 2019 chip and seal program for the next meeting.

“We need to do some serious work and patching,” he said and Trustee Ray Heddleson said, “We have to see if we can get the material.”

Wilms continued, “I see some places we need to get after. We have some (bad) spots. We’ve go a lot of holes already and not just on the sides.”

Trustees also received an invitation to join the Columbiana County major crimes task force and Constable Dan Valentine was aware of the membership and the change of the name.

Valentine also advised trustees about questions a resident who attended the last meeting had regarding changing the speed limit on old state Route 558.

Valentine spoke with state officials about it.

“They have a specific form,” he said and the resident will need to get a petition signed that shows the majority of homeowners in the area who agree with the proposal.

They can present it to the trustees and who can present to the county engineer before July, he said, adding the county will conduct a study of this particular road.

It could go from 55 miles per hour to 50, he said, “I’ve never seen one go from 55 to 25.”