— Michael Aaron Gubesch reported at 12:25 p.m. Tuesday he spent about 60 days in the jail and while he was there his personal belongings and clothes were stolen from him.

— A suspicious person was reported in the area of Depot Road in Center Township at 1:40 a.m. May 15. Joseph K. Stolzfus reported he saw someone wearing pink leggings standing outside his front door and when he got up to look outside, the person had walked away. Deputies checked the surrounding woods and properties, finding a vehicle with a cool engine abandoned west of Stolzfus’ home, but did not find any people. Deputies waited for awhile to see if the driver returned to the vehicle and then had it towed from the roadway.

— A panic alarm was reported at the home of Wendy S. Blackburn, Melissa Lane, Minerva, at 10:08 a.m. Thursday. Blackburn told deputies her granddaughter is able to reach the keypad and play with the buttons. She called the security company and canceled the call, but Carnation Security did not call the sheriff’s office to relay the message.

— Deputies responded to an alarm on Macklin Road at 9:59 p.m. Thursday, where they found only a window cracked and no signs anyone had gotten inside.

— A Depot Road, Lisbon, woman reported at 6:46 p.m. Thursday she came home to find her husband, age 77, dead on the ground in the doorway. He reportedly had no known pre-existing health conditions and she had seen him at about 7 a.m. that morning. The coroner was called and the body was transported.

— Margaret King, Cherry Street, Knox Township, reported Michael King forced his way into her home. She told deputies he did not threaten her, but when she shut and locked the door, he broke the door. She did not want to file charges, but told deputies Michael King has warrants in Minerva. Deputies explained if she lets him stay with her while he has warrants, she could be charged.

— A child was reported burned by a camp fire on Beard Road in Unity Township at 9:25 p.m. Sunday. New Waterford EMS was transporting the child to the hospital with her mother, Miranda Pachner. Deputies spoke to Dustin Gregory, who told them the fire just exploded. While investigating, deputies learned the fire had been started by using gasoline and there were glass bottles found in the fire. Deputies believe Gregory poured gasoline into the fire pit to start it and some of the gas went into one of the bottles, which later ignited when the flames contacted it.

— Some unsafe shooting was reported in the area of Butcher Road at 6:15 p.m. Sunday. Deputies spoke to Johnathan and Ashley Huston, who said they were shooting at a large box filled with sand in the backyard. Deputies did not see where any of the rounds which entered the front of the box exited the back of the box. They also were aware of where there was a house located behind their property. The owner of the woods behind their home told deputies he inspected the box a few days ago to make certain none of the rounds were going into his woods. The backstop was determined safe.

— Ross and Bonnie Petree, Coldale Street, West Township, reported at 4:03 p.m. Monday their son, Tanner Petree, was intoxicated and needed to be removed. Bonnie Petree told deputies she told her son he had an AA meeting today and he threatened to split her lip. Additionally Ross Petree said their son had shoved him down. Neither party wanted to file charges, but they were tired of their son drinking. Tanner Petree left before deputies arrived.


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