Court offers final BMV workshop before amnesty expiration

LISBON — County Municipal Court Judges Tim McNicol and Mark Frost have announced arrangements have been made with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to host a final “License Restoration Workshop” before the expiration of the statewide amnesty program. This program allows suspended drivers to have as much as 90 percent of their reinstatement fees waived and will be held at the Municipal Court Building on Saltwell Road from 1 to 3 p.m., Wednesday June 19.

McNicol noted that the amnesty program is set to expire in July, and that he and Judge Frost wanted to get one more workshop scheduled while local drivers still had a chance to get their licenses restored without having to pay the hundreds or thousands of dollars to the BMV.

“In our two workshops since the amnesty program started, the BMV has waived a total of almost $23,000 in fees for Columbiana County residents, and we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance at this limited time opportunity,” McNicol said.

Over the last 12 years, countless local residents whose driver’s licences are suspended have used these unique court-provided opportunities to sit down one-to one with BMV workers to learn the exact steps necessary to get their licenses restored, or at least to get limited privileges to drive to and from work or other necessary destinations.

McNicol has joined Frost as an enthusiastic supporter of the Workshops, noting that, “We aren’t trying to get dangerous drivers back on the road. We are just trying to help otherwise responsible people work through the maze of bureaucracy. We know that in a rural county like Columbiana it is essential for people to be able to get to medical appointments, classes and other necessary places so they can be contributing members of society.”

Frost said at McNicol’s suggestion, “we recently assigned one of our probation officers to help with license rescue on a daily basis. But these Workshops are unique because BMV workers actually come to the court to meet face to face with drivers, to take payments, to set up payment plans, and to give each one of them a roadmap to license restoration.”

Available spots fill up fast, so the judges urge interested persons to call the court at 424-5326 during normal court hours to schedule an appointment for the June 19 workshop.