Creating an invisible fence

The United States is being invaded. Not by little men from outer space but by foreign nationals from around the world. Look up the definition of invasion in any dictionary.

An incursion by a large number of people, an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain, the incoming or spread of something usually harmful, sound familiar? Deny this definition doesn’t represent the influx of uninvited illegal migrants. It is an invasion, just not one by a uniformed armed military force.

Why are we being inundated with hordes of uneducated poverty stricken migrants? Most behavior can be analyzed by evaluating incentives. Everything we do has some objective in mind that motivates that action. So what does all this have to do with invasion?

Well, what makes the illegals risk life and limb to come here in violation of our immigration laws? What is the incentive? Perhaps a job, or to feed at the public welfare trough, a free education, or to take advantage of the overall prosperity to support criminal endeavors. All of which provides impetus for the journey.

As you can see by the above incentives, you simply need to follow the money to find solutions to the problem. The objectives are all financial. Find the source of these financial rewards, eliminate them, and you will remove the incentive and solve the problem.

We seem to have three groups who are in the illegal alien camp. Those do-gooders who believe that it is the American taxpayer’s responsibility to improve the lot of anyone who they believe deserves our humanitarian compassion. While this benevolence may be a noble goal, asking the taxpayer and the general welfare of our society to foot the bill contrary to our immigration laws is not how a lawful society is meant to work.

The next open-borders faction are the politicians who see the illegals as a voting bloc, even though the illegals are not eligible to vote. Many jurisdictions have made it so easy and convenient for illegals to acquire state sanctioned identification. These IDs can be used to feign legal standing to vote. We have no idea how many illegal aliens head to the ballot box. Many immigrant aid organizations help illegals game the system to illegally get social welfare benefits, there is no reason to believe that they are not doing the same with voting. Thus, this additional support is very attractive to any politician who thinks they can benefit from being seen as soft on illegal immigration.

And finally we have the business community that enjoys the cheap labor. The globalist, open borders U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an example of an organization that is willing to put corporate profits above the economic opportunities of our own citizens, above the potential collapse of our social infrastructure, and above enforcement of the laws of the land.

So instead of talking about border fences and deportation, there is another solution to the illegal alien invasion problem. Starve the beast, remove the incentives that make it attractive for the invaders to come here in the first place and that enable them to stay here once they have arrived. We must enact laws that make it a felony for anyone to aid and abet an illegal invader. Mandatory jail time and debilitating fines that would make everyone pause and contemplate the consequences of enabling illegal immigration.

So, any employer found guilty of employing illegal aliens should be fined and do mandatory jail time in federal prison.

All elected officials who preside over political jurisdictions who are in violation of U.S. immigration law (i.e.: sanctuary cities) will also pay a hefty fine and go to federal prison.

No social justice judge will have the latitude to legislate from the bench and allow violators a get-out-of-jail card. These jurists will be subject to the laws and penalties, fines and prison time, comparable to other citizens.

We could charge the country of origin for all services rendered to its citizens (welfare, education, incarceration). If the country refuses to remit payment, all legal immigration, visas, commerce, and foreign aid will be denied until payment is made.

Pass new legislation stating that any person who has ever violated US Immigration law will not be allowed legal status in the US until they have returned to their native country for five years and entered the U.S. legally.

No child born in America to an illegal alien parent will be granted citizenship. And no, that is not in violation of the 14th Amendment. The amendment, which was created to provide citizenship to former slaves, states “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Being here illegally does not meet that standard thus the granting of citizenship is not a Constitutional right to those born on U.S. soil of parents who are here illegally. This is just another example of the progressive left twisting the original intent of the Constitution to serve their needs. The Framers never intended the 14th Amendment to be used to facilitate immigration in violation of U.S. immigration law.

Minors who are citizens will no longer be considered justification for illegal alien family members to attain legal status. The children will be allowed to stay as long as they are not wards of the state.

The progressive liberals will say the penalties are too harsh, perhaps even unconstitutional (cruel and unusual). Really? The U.S. has spent trillions of dollars and 1.2 million lives defending our country’s sovereignty. Emptying a bank account and spending a few years wearing a government provided orange jumpsuit is minor by comparison and cannot rationally be considered too draconian in light of the severity of the crime. One who finds themselves on the wrong side of this issue, and thus the wrong side of iron bars, has no one to blame but themselves. The activities that put them it that position are all voluntary.

At this point, no wall will be necessary. These changes will remove the incentive for foreigners to want to illegally come here (no jobs or free stuff), remove the incentive for citizens to aid these criminals (the penalties for doing such would be so severe that no rational person would want to take that risk), and remove the incentive for countries to want to export their poverty problem to the U.S. (risk losing their foreign aid and ability to do business with the U.S.). In essence, this would create an invisible fence.

Area resident Jack Loesch is a longtime teacher at the University of Akron whose columns appear periodically in the Salem News. Read his website at He may be reached at: