SCT, Lib’s partner for murder mystery

SALEM–The Salem Community Theatre in conjunction with Lib’s Market and Roastery will present the first in its upcoming ” A Dinner and A Death Series” on May 19 at the theater. “The “Murder on the S.S. Porcelain King” is a unique murder mystery as tickets are purchased according to what “class” of passenger the guests want to be on the ship. With first, second, and the lowly “steerage or third class” tickets, guests will eat their meals according to class, and be treated according to class all evening.

Business Manager Karen Losito states that the show itself is about 97-year-old billionaire Alabaster Simmons who wants to see the faces of his four children whom he has had to five ex-wives when they find out he left them all out of his will. So he assembles them all aboard his luxury cruise ship the S.S. Porcelain King to read his own will while he is still alive. But things don’t go as planned. A killer is amongst the guests on the ship, people are dropping like flies, the captain is drunk, and all of the toilets on the ship have stopped working, so it’s up to crack pot private investigator Buck Bigsley to save the day.

Tickets are on sale now, and ticket sales will end May 12. As part of the evening, participants will receive via email your assumed names, special tickets for the evening, and a brief backstory as to who you are. Since you have the choice between third class seating, middle and first class, you are encouraged to dress for the occasion. Break out those evening gowns if your seated in the first class section, or wear a pair of ratty old sweat pants if your seated in the third class section. And be warned…you will be treated according to class. In addition, many of guests will be asked to participate in the evenings events, so bring your detective shoes and thinking caps. And one of you may even be the killer!

For information check out updates on Facebook. Reservations may be made by calling the box office at 330-332-9688.

Cost is $18 for third class, $25 for second class and $32 for first class tickets and includes meal and ticket for the show. Dinner is at 6 p.m. for first class and 6:30 p.m. for second and third class with the show following.


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