Phone lines cut at Fred’s Pharmacy

SALEM — Police found no entry made into Fred’s Pharmacy early Friday while responding to an alarm, but they did find the phone lines had been cut.

The alarm call came at 2:44 a.m. for the drug store located at 1136 E. State St. where officers checked inside and checked the roof, but found no one on the premises. K-9 Argo and his handler, Patrolman Steve LaRosa, were called to attempt to track anyone who may have been there, with Detective Brad Davis reporting the scent was lost a block away.

Just last week, someone broke into Lease Drug at 229 N. Ellsworth Ave. and stole $5,000 worth of drugs. Police responded to a triggered alarm and found no one inside, but found evidence that someone had been there with prescription bottles on the floor and controlled substances missing.

At this point, Davis wasn’t saying whether he thinks the two drug store incidents are related.

“From what I can tell, there was no attempt to enter Fred’s Pharmacy,” he said.

The phone line at Lease Drug remained intact and was not cut.

According to the police report, the phone company had a backup line at Fred’s and the alarm system was still intact. David said the alarm company received a notification of an interruption of service, prompting the alarm.

Both drug store incidents remain under investigation.

The break-in at Lease Drug occurred late on July 31, with police being called at 11:23 p.m. and responding within 12 seconds. Upon arrival, officers found an open door and made entry. During a search of the area, police found a piece of evidence investigators believe was dropped by the suspect.

Police released a rough video surveillance photo of the alleged suspect who was dressed all in black, carrying a bag and running.

Davis said he’s been following up on tips regarding the Lease Drug theft.

Anyone with information about either incident should contact police at 330-337-7811.



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