Gallery: Southeast fifth graders celebrate learning through ‘Market Day’ project

Shown are some of the fifth graders who displayed their skills during “Market Day” at Southeast Elementary School. A gallery is at salemenews.net. (Salem News photos by J.D. Creer)

Southeast Elementary fifth graders were excited to finish the school year by celebrating their learning through a culminating cross curricular project called “Market Day.”

Beginning in March, the staff and students partnered with Mahoning County Junior Achievement to provide workbooks and resources for the students to begin learning about entrepreneurship and how to create a small business providing goods and services to their classmates and community.

The students brainstormed ideas of current needs within the school building to begin designing a product that would support and encourage their classmates. Creating a budget, resource lists, business plans, flyers, business cards, and product prototypes were all steps that the students took in order to build a successful small business.

The students were also excited to take an online financial literacy course through a grant funded by Everfi to continue learning supply and demand and the importance of financial responsibility.

In addition to their learning, Southeast Elementary’s staff partnered with local businesses and entrepreneurs to create a “Market Day Speaker Series” during the month of April. Mrs. Jennifer Woods, fifth grade teacher explained, “By welcoming Salem entrepreneurs into our classrooms was a powerful addition to our project as the students were actively engaged and could ask meaningful questions to local business partners across our city.”

Looking stylish with their floral headwear are, from left, Nevaeh Duvall, Macy Pieniazek and Ava D'Andrea.

Southeast Elementary’s staff and students would like to extend a special thanks to the businesses who partnered in the series which include: Mr. Bob Sebo, investor and philanthropist; Mr. Jeff DeRose, CFO of Meander Hospitality; Mrs. Lesley Kline, owner of Kast Iron Soda Works; Mr. Jason Murdock and Mr. Mark Beckett, general manager and sales specialist of Donnell Ford Lincoln of Salem; and Ms. Kaytlin Sadler, marketing director of Timberlanes Complex.

During the month of May, the students were busy using the grade level store to obtain important resources to create their products while not exceeding their business plan’s budget.

Through collaboration, organization, and teamwork, the students designed their business booths and flyers and invited community members and peers to Market Day on Wednesday, May 25.

Creativity was evident through the products presented such as pencil holders, flower headbands, unique bookmarks, root beer floats, and shoe cleaning services, to name a few.

Mrs. Kylie Baker, fifth grade teacher, shared, “Market Day has been an excellent opportunity for our students to learn about businesses in a hands-on experience. Students researched goods and services, advertising strategies, calculating budgets and expenses, and figuring profits.

Colorful coasters were designed by Mary McFadden, Kandie Duvall and Ally Chamvers.

“The overall learning goal was to learn how to become successful entrepreneurs by using all of the lessons we taught in 5th grade during the school year. Our kids loved it and the excitement was contagious all month.”

Derrion Steele and Dru King made “Southeast” and “Quakers” key chains.

Artistic cactuses were designed by, from left, Rakenzie Welsh and Eliana Hastings.

Paper airplanes were made by, Gael Leon, Dane Adams and Teagan McCartney.

Dominick Lykens created rockets.

From left, Ajanel Pastor and Laila Eubank made bracelets.

From left, perler bead creations were on display by, from left, Jocelynn Ober and Marhealynn Yeater.

From left, Liddi Phillis, Ingrid Rose Willgohs and Marrisa Gatewood devised a root beer float stand. Makayla Jones, far right, displayed her artistic talents.

From left, McKenzie Blackburn, Paisley Devine and Emma Gorby created Buddy Bandz.

Eva Minto enjoys the sounds of musician Alex Douty.


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