2nd primary smooth but sparse with turnout at only 10.3%

Jack Marshall, a volunteer rover, checks in poll pads as they’re dropped off at the Columbiana County Board of Elections in Lisbon Tuesday night. (Photo by Mary Ann Greier)

LISBON — Columbiana County Board of Elections officials reported no problems Tuesday night, with votes from all 73 precincts reported just a little after 9 p.m. for a total voter turnout of just over 10.3 percent.

“I’m just pleased with the fast returns. The poll workers have done an excellent job,” Director Kim Fusco said.

“Very pleased with today and very proud of our staff, very proud of our poll workers and all of our volunteers,” Deputy Director Bryce Miner said.

The second of the primary elections involved only a handful of races, with just the 59th District Democrat state representative race and the 33rd District Republican State Central Committee Man race contested. A limited number of provisional ballots still have to be counted in 10 days for those voters who may have moved, giving officials a chance to check their information. The official results will be certified on Aug. 23.

Earlier in the day, three precincts had to have their DS-20 voting machines swapped out due to minor malfunctions in East Liverpool City at city hall, Fairfield Township at the Fairfield Township government building and Lisbon at St. George Church hall. All ballots were scanned and votes counted. Miner said every election, they have a couple of machines that go down. They have extra machines on hand in case one has to be swapped out.

The bigger problem for the area during the day was the Internet being down, which affected many county offices and businesses, but both Miner and Fusco said it didn’t have any effect on voting because the voting machines are not connected to the Internet.

“Voting was not interrupted,” Miner said.

He was notified at 12:39 p.m. about the issue. Workers were still able to access email with their phones. The Secretary of State’s Office was alerted to the issue and Miner said the county’s provider expedited the repairs, getting the Internet back up by 5:30 p.m.

Even if the Internet had stayed down, he said they would have found a way to post the results on the website.

“We have preparedness plans in place so that whatever happens on Election Day, the voting process will not be disrupted,” he said.

Here are the unofficial results for unopposed races reported through Mahoning County Board of Elections (most populous):

–Democrat State Central Committee Man 33rd District, Mike Ray, 6,585 votes.

–Democrat State Central Committee Woman 33rd District, Joyce Kale Pesta, 6,681 votes.

— Democrat State Senator 33rd District, Bob Hagan, 7,021 votes.

— Republican State Central Committee Woman 33rd District, Monica Robb Blasdel, 5,364 votes

— Republican State Senator 33rd District, Michael Rulli, 6,412 votes.

The numbers reported for other unopposed races in Columbiana County include:

— Democrat State Representative 79th District, Taylor Eastham, 1,235 votes.

— Republican State Representative 79th District, Monica Robb Blasdel, 3,392 votes.



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