Columbiana student reaches state finals

Samantha Bucholtz

A one-person team at Columbiana High School earned a spot in the Ohio Speech and Debate Association’s State Finals. Samantha Bucholtz, a junior at CHS, represented the high school in a statewide virtual tournament this week. Her category was United States Extemporaneous Speaking. Within her category she is assigned a different topic for every speech, and only has 30 minutes to write her speeches. “The brilliant English teachers that we have at Columbiana, and how they teach how to write essays has helped me with my own speeches,” said Samantha. “You know, making sure I’m not just generalizing, making sure I am getting specific points.” Bucholtz has been participating in Speech and Debate since she was a freshman. At first she said writing her speeches in 30 minutes was a lot of pressure, but through the years she’s progressed her skills. A lot of the credit goes to her high school government teachers and different team of coaches each year she has been involved. Being involved in Speech and Debate is also helping Bucholtz with her career path. “I want to be a government teacher or history teacher in the future, so staying in line with these things on how other people are viewing them, I think also impacts my future.” Bucholtz competed in a virtual competition through the University of Alabama.

(Submitted photo)


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