Resents comments made by Trump

To the editor:

“Losers and Suckers.” “Losers and Suckers.” That’s how Trump described us while being interview by Bob Woodward on TV.

I am an 80-year-old former volunteer GI. I enlisted, trained stateside, then shipped out to Germany for two-and-half years. Six months of that was an involuntary extension due to rising tensions in Berlin. Next came 13 months in Korea stationed a few miles from the DMZ. I went to the DMZ to photograph the bodies of dead Americans — GIs who were killed in a North Korean nighttime ambush. Vietnam, a year in the Mekong Delta, was next. Constant alerts as the VC raided our positions.

Safety out of Nam, I watched as my son served a hitch in the USAF. His duties took him to a joint U.S.-Italy AF base in the “boot” of southern Italy. My son is not a “loser or sucker.”

I assure you the GIs I saw carried off bloody choppers in Nam were not “losers or suckers.”

The U.S. Navy sailors who served in the “Brown Water Navy” fighting the VC were not “losers and suckers.”

Trump, your day or reckoning is fast approaching. Nov. 3. It can’t come soon enough!


East Liverpool


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