Responds to columnist’s point of view

To the editor:

Jules Witcover’s quote on your Dec. 14 opinion page stated, “They picked a common-sense straight arrow” referring to Biden. Martha Raditch, on Sunday’s ABC News stated, “inequivalently, this has been a free and fair election.” Really?

Compare those opinions with, “With reference to the presidential election, 30 million American citizens can’t be wrong. Thirty million American voters are convinced Trump was the best choice and lost because of voting fraud,” Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan commented on that Sunday morning on Fox News.

Flip that coin and let’s count the ways 30 million voters are correct.

1. Mail-in voting welcomes fraud. Signature verification is often overlooked and proliferation of mail-in ballots are, at best, suspect.

2. Federal law and state law were not followed in nearly every swing state.

3. Changes in state law opened the door to voting irregularities and many state laws are bound to be found unconstitutional. Of course, following the election.

4. Blank Georgia ballots turned into votes using Dominion machines.

5. Statistically, many sources have proven overnight Democrat voting results were statistically impossible.

6. And, on and on! Tons of evidence.

This election has been called “The crookedest election in American history. Corrupt and/or incompetent!” And it has also been called, “The greatest scandal in the history of the United States of America by historian Victor David Hansen.

Not so, according to the ultra-left media, the ultra-left, multi-million dollar funding groups from Silicon Valley and the Democrat Party. In fact, Witcover and Raditch are creatures of the left. Bot hmake “eye rolling” comments knowing better.

“We are facing the greatest scandal in history and the Supreme Court of the United States of America is silent.” That’s my quote and I’m positive history will verify my beliefs, based on facts, not opinions.

As General Flynn stated so succinctly, “We’re in a battle of Good vs. Evil. It’s time for God-fearing Americans to fight.”

Just who are those who dare fight for free and fair elections? Well, there is Rob Johnson, Senator from Wisconsin and Jim Jordan, Congressman from Ohio. These are the statesmen in the time of need. I find most other political leaders, including the SCOTUS, have a big problem. It’s called the “Ostrich Syndrome.” Sad!




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