Salem Business of the Month for August

Lesley and Victoria Kline stand outside the Kast Iron Soda Works, which was honored by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce’s Beautification Committee as August’s Business of the Month. Located at 420. E. State St., in downtown Salem, the soda shop opened this past spring and features nearly 350 labels of bottled craft soda, as well as draft sodas on tap and premium ice cream. Lesley, who owns and operates the shop with her husband Wil Kline and their family, have decorated the space outside their shop with plenty of seating for customers to enjoy their selections. Picture windows at the front of the building allow customers and passersby to glance inside and appreciate the time and effort the Klines have put into creating a modern take on an old-fashioned soda parlor, complete with rows and rows of bottles lining the walls. The Klines said they wanted their business to be a place where people felt comfortable gathering with family and friends, and just hanging out. The Soda Works logo painted at the very top of the building, on the east side, adds to the old-time aesthetic. (Submitted photo)


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