Center Township

RLC Real Estate Inc. to Robert A. Hunt, land on state Route 517; $15,000

Pamela J. Walsh to Brian and Patricia Brown, 10.2 acres on Wayne Bridge Road; $40,000

Threshold Residential Service to Jeffrey Stoffel, 1.75 acres on state Route 30; $28,500


Cathryn A. Hahner to Charles and Sarah Piper, home on South Main Street; $50,000

Columbiana Rentals LLC to Matthew Miller, land on Sixth Street; $30,000

Firestone Homestead LLC to James and Betty Leoene, 0.4 acre on Aberdeen Court; $57,000

East Liverpool

Rudolf Goeldi to Gina and Bruce A. Tatgenhorst II, home on Princeton Street; $33,000

Aaron Stevens to Samuel Carnahan, duplex on Bradshaw Avenue; $15,000

East Palestine

Anthony and Aleli Amabile to Rim Properties LLC, duplex on Walnut Street; $55,000

Eric and Lisa Pence to Karlyle E. Pence, home on Grant Street; $130,000

Park Place Investments LLC to Clayton Murray, home on Martin Street; $74,000

Fairfield Township

David and Christina Yanssens to Bryan and Sarah Dempsey, home and ten acres on Crestview Road; $600,000

Vasiliki Filippou to Wardle Enterprises LLC, 25.3 acres on state Route 7; $517,500

Hanover Township

Sean and Shonda Devine to Jonathan and Jessica Benner, home on Hanna Drive; $40,000

Knox Township

Bruce and Lisa Koehn to Samuel and Kara Willhite, mobile home on Bowman Road; $90,000

Whaley Properties LTD to Dalyrae and William McIntyre Jr., land on Heritage Drive; $7,500

Katherine and William Donato to Ned Ash Jr., home on Hartley Road; $275,000

Hanover Township

Sheri Peters to Todd Arnold, mobile home and 1.3 acres on Westward Way; $129,800

Wayne and Barbara Paulun to John and Carleen Seligman, home on Fantale Street; $13,250


Evergreen Investment Group LT to Traci Lynn King and Tracy Lockhart, home on Oak Street; $82,000

DJM Rentals LLC to Chance Beitler and Kaitlyn Hawk, home on Columbia Street; $95,000


JBEK Investments LLC to Strong Family Investments LLC, homes on East Pine Street and North Jefferson Street and duplex on North Jefferson Street; $195,000

Liverpool Township

Arlen and Joann Webb to Richard and Marcia Newlin, home on Imperial Drive; $145,000

Madison Township

Paul and Kelly Bowyer to Joshua and Allisyn Yeager, home and five acres on Ashton Road; $320,000

Mark Farnsworth to Jared Hershberger, 29.6 acres on McCormick Run Road; $89,673


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to SJA Investments LLC, home on Walnut Street; $27,520


Mallory Smith to Peyton Meals, home on Adams Avenue; $109,999

Sandra and Rebecca Campbell to Rebecca Campbell, home on Cleveland Street; $48,000

Mildred Demes to Diane Watts, condominium on Lincoln Avenue; $89,000

Theodore Thorne to Mark Brammer Jr., land on Edgewood Drive; $42,000

Linda Barnes to Jarin Heath, home on West Eighth Street; $45,000

Lora Herbert to Robert Cushing, home on Beechwood Road; $185,000

Deanna Wilson to Vijay and Mitaben Patel, home on Stone Castle Trail; $430,000

Florence Spack and Custom Comfort Systems LLC to Custom Comfort Systems LLC, home on Fourth Street; $14,000

Unity Township

Thomas and Shirley Birnesser to Jennifer First, home on state Route 14; $115,000

West Township

Matthew and Stephanie Higginbotham to Adam Gasper and Tiffany Stoker, mobile home and 1.9 acres on Augusta Road; $124,500

Ted Turner to Michael Jackson, home on Egypt Road; $33,400


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