Stark Memorial partners with Everything After

SALEM — Stark Memorial Funeral Home will begin a partnership with Everything After, a platform designed to help families cope with the logistics and grief that follow a loss.

To help families navigate the necessary logistical tasks that arise, Everything After provides step-by-step estate guidance and education. Everything After also offers a wide array of personalized courses and resources to support and educate those navigating grief.

Dan Madden, president of Stark Memorial said, “All families who use Stark Funeral Home will have access to Everything After’s estate platform to help them deal with logistics like securing important documents, closing bank accounts, applying for insurance or veterans benefits, filing estate tax returns, and more.”

Built and led by estate experts, the estate platform was designed to help families save money and time by educating participants every step of the way. With Everything After’s grief platform, families served will also have access to free grief courses tailored to their unique needs. These include assignments, workbooks, and an entire library of grief-related content that families can use as they move through grief at their own pace. Specialized grief therapists are also available to answer questions, and grief coaching is available to anyone seeking additional support and guidance.

Stark Memorial Funeral Home has been serving the Salem community for over 100 years, helping families honor their loved ones’ lives with beautifully personalized services. The staff are well-seasoned professionals who help families deal with their immediate grief, and with the addition of Everything After, they plan to continue caring for Salem residents by connecting them to a team of estate and grief experts.

For information about Everything After, visit https://everythingafter.com/stark-memorial.


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